Waikato Medical Research Foundation

The Waikato Medical Research Foundation (WMRF) is a charitable foundation established in 1986 to promote, encourage and sustain medical research in the Waikato region.

It has supported research projects including studies of leukaemia, stroke, diabetes, head injury therapy, medically useful natural products, antibacterial properties of human breast milk and honey, asthma, breast cancer and coping with disability.

This research is being performed in major Waikato institutions including the University, Waikato Hospital, Ruakura Research Centre, WINTEC and at the Peter Rothwell Academic Centre at Waikato Hospital.

The Foundation is supported by donors, benefactors and Trust Waikato. A growth in the research potential of the Waikato region has led to a need for more funding.

At the Annual General Meeting held in September 2017, Dr Margaret (Maggie) Fisher agreed to remain as chairperson for the 2017/18 financial year.  Thank you , Maggie!

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If you wish to apply for a grant for medical and health research, please refer to the apply for funding page.



Applications are now invited for research proposals that are related to health and medical topics.


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Phone: 07 8398750  Administration, Waikato Clinical Campus or
Administrator, Robyn Fenneman, on 021 639775

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