Past research projects

Since its establishment in 1986, the Foundation has provided approximately $2.3m in research funding to a variety of organisations. You will find summaries of recent projects printed in the Annual Reports.


Does bacterial transformation of milk lipids occur in the infant bowel?  - Dr Marisa Gomes Reis, AgResearch

The Role of the FitAB Toxin-Antitoxin System in the Maintenance of the Carrier Population of Neisseria gonorrhoeae - Dr Joanne Hicks

Rural, Semirural, and Urban Trauma in the Midland Region of New Zealand - Mr Grant Christey

Understanding the importance of tumour biology and socio-demographic difference in cancer stage at diagnosis using the Midland Lung Cancer Registry - Professor Ross Lawrenson

The Effects of Blood Glucose Levels on Driving Behaviour and Executive Functioning in Young People with Type 1 Diabetes - Dr Joanna McClintock

Determining the molecular pathways responsible for the anti-mycobacterial effects of NSAIDs - Dr Ray Cursons

The Role of PhoH2 in the pathogenesis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis : Dr Emma Andrews

Cortico-centric effects of general anaesthetics on cerebrocortical evoked potentials - Logan J Voss, James W. Sleigh

Hospital Admissions for acute exacerbations of COPD; contributing factors, risk prediction and prognosis - Dr Hollie Ellis, recipient of Noel Karalus Respiratory Research Scholarship 2016

Effect of general anaesthetics on spatial patterns of field potential activity recorded from mouse neocortical brain slices - Dr Logan Voss, Hospital Scientist
Dept Anaesthesia, February 2017

hPOD - hypoglycaemia Prevention in newborns with Oral Dextrose - Dr Joanna Moon (Hegarty), University of Auckland, Liggins Institute February 2017

Molecular epidemiology study to investigate whether dairy cattle are a reservoir of STEC that may cause human clinical disease in the Waikato region of New Zealand

Dr Delphine Rapp, AgResearch, October 2016

Does "biofilm-forming ability" influence the antimicrobial spectrum of Mycobacterium avium?  - Ray Cursons,  School of Science and Engineering

Histatherin, a Potential New Antimicrobial Protein from MilkDrs Molenaar, 

Harris and Wheeler, and Chanelle Gavin - Student.

Article on : Detection of Histatherin: a Potential Antimicrobial Peptide, K Rattray, M Lay, A Molenaar  Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Waikato, Hamilton; AgResearch, Ruakura, Hamilton.

MRI-safe Implantable Electrodes, Professor J. Scott

The PEOPLE Study (New Zealand): Prospective Evaluation of Outcome in Patients with Heart Failure with Preserved Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction), Professor Gerald Devlin


Earlier projects include:

  • Investigation Of The Medical Applications Of A Mammary Gland Serum Amyloid Protein
  • Parents And Whanau Experiences Of The Palliative Care Of Their Children: An Aotearoa/ New Zealand Study
  • Free Radicals In The Induction Of Diabetes
  • Effectiveness Of Counselling Patients On Physical Activity In General Practice Using The 'Green Prescription': Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial
  • Medical Student Radiology Training in New Zealand
  • Cognitive Changes With Adjuvant Therapy For Breast Cancer: A Longitudinal Study
  • Establishing The Sensitivity Of Procalcitonin In Confirmed Cases Of Meningococcal Disease Within The Current New Zealand Epidemic
  • Exploratory Study Of Multidisciplinary Roles, Relationships And Inter-Professional Collaboration For Learning Disability
  • Induction Of Cancer-Protective Enzymes By Compounds Present In Plants Of The Cabbage Family
  • Motivational Interviewing In A New Zealand Community Alcohol And Drug Service: A Randomised Controlled Study
  • Natural Products From Pacific Flora And Fauna
  • Radiation, Chemical Carcinogens And Brain Cancers In New Zealand
  • Survey Of Barriers To Diabetes Care In The Waikato
  • The Molecular Footprint Of Sepsis
  • The Profile Of Cytokine And Chemokine MRNA Expression In Septic ICU Patients
  • Investigating The Sensitivity Of Medically Important Micro-Organisms To The Antimicrobial Activity Of Honey
  • progress-report-to-the-wmrf-on-progress-of-grant-21-histatherin-a-potential-new-antimicrobial-protein-from-milk-.pdf