Past research projects

Since its establishment in 1986, the Foundation has provided approximately $2.3m in research funding to a variety of organisations. You will find summaries of recent projects printed in the Annual Reports.


Effect of general anaesthetics on spatial patterns of field potential activity recorded from mouse neocortical brain slices - Dr Logan Voss, Hospital Scientist
Dept Anaesthesia, February 2017

hPOD - hypoglycaemia Prevention in newborns with Oral Dextrose - Dr Joanna Moon (Hegarty), University of Auckland, Liggins Institute February 2017

Molecular epidemiology study to investigate whether dairy cattle are a reservoir of STEC that may cause human clinical disease in the Waikato region of New Zealand

Dr Delphine Rapp, AgResearch, October 2016

Does "biofilm-forming ability" influence the antimicrobial spectrum of Mycobacterium avium?  - Ray Cursons,  School of Science and Engineering

Histatherin, a Potential New Antimicrobial Protein from MilkDrs Molenaar, 

Harris and Wheeler, and Chanelle Gavin - Student.

Article on : Detection of Histatherin: a Potential Antimicrobial Peptide, K Rattray, M Lay, A Molenaar  Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Waikato, Hamilton; AgResearch, Ruakura, Hamilton.

MRI-safe Implantable Electrodes, Professor J. Scott

The PEOPLE Study (New Zealand): Prospective Evaluation of Outcome in Patients with Heart Failure with Preserved Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction), Professor Gerald Devlin


Earlier projects include:

  • Investigation Of The Medical Applications Of A Mammary Gland Serum Amyloid Protein
  • Parents And Whanau Experiences Of The Palliative Care Of Their Children: An Aotearoa/ New Zealand Study
  • Free Radicals In The Induction Of Diabetes
  • Effectiveness Of Counselling Patients On Physical Activity In General Practice Using The 'Green Prescription': Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial
  • Medical Student Radiology Training in New Zealand
  • Cognitive Changes With Adjuvant Therapy For Breast Cancer: A Longitudinal Study
  • Establishing The Sensitivity Of Procalcitonin In Confirmed Cases Of Meningococcal Disease Within The Current New Zealand Epidemic
  • Exploratory Study Of Multidisciplinary Roles, Relationships And Inter-Professional Collaboration For Learning Disability
  • Induction Of Cancer-Protective Enzymes By Compounds Present In Plants Of The Cabbage Family
  • Motivational Interviewing In A New Zealand Community Alcohol And Drug Service: A Randomised Controlled Study
  • Natural Products From Pacific Flora And Fauna
  • Radiation, Chemical Carcinogens And Brain Cancers In New Zealand
  • Survey Of Barriers To Diabetes Care In The Waikato
  • The Molecular Footprint Of Sepsis
  • The Profile Of Cytokine And Chemokine MRNA Expression In Septic ICU Patients
  • Investigating The Sensitivity Of Medically Important Micro-Organisms To The Antimicrobial Activity Of Honey
  • progress-report-to-the-wmrf-on-progress-of-grant-21-histatherin-a-potential-new-antimicrobial-protein-from-milk-.pdf